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[about_box icon=”heart” background=”8ecfc2″ title=”Wedding & Formal Dresses “] Large selection of wedding dresses, accessories, and bridal party dresses: classic, contemporary, elegant, simple, modern, youthful, different, and fashionable! [/about_box]
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[about_box icon=”heart” background=”8ecfc2″ title=”Purses & Handbags “] We know how important having the perfect handbag or purse can be. Moonlight Dress Boutique offers an awesome collection for any occasion. [/about_box]
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[about_box icon=”heart” background=”8ecfc2″ title=”Jewelry & Accessories “] We always have the perfect accessories to match your outfit. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, purses and more. We have something perfect for you. [/about_box]
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[about_box icon=”heart” background=”8ecfc2″ title=”Clothing Alterations “] Need some clothing or a dress altered? Moonlight Dress Boutique can alter your clothing or dresses to fit perfectly on your body. [/about_box]
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[about_box icon=”heart” background=”8ecfc2″ title=”Tuxedo Rentals “] Tuxedo Rentals are available now for all formal occasions! We have all sorts of different styles of tuxedos and variations! Come check us out! [/about_box]
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